IELTS Speaking 2023


  • What technology do people currently use?
  • Why do big companies introduce new products frequently?
  • Why are people so keen on buying iPhones even though they haven’t changed much?
  • What changes has the development of technology brought about in our lives?
  • Does the development of technology affect the way we study?


  • Why do some people prefer to read news online instead of watching news on TV?
  • What kinds of people would still go to library to read and study?
  • Do you think cybercrime can be eradicated?
  • What are the differences between older adults and young people when they use the internet?

Leisure Activities

  • Is it important to have a break during work or study?
  • Are there more activities for young people now than 20 years ago?
  • Do adults and children have enough time for leisure activities nowadays?
  • What sports do young people like to do now?


  • When are people more likely to make complaints?
  • Which is better when making a complaint, by talking or writing?
  • How would you react if you received poor service at a restaurant?
  • Who is more likely to complain, older or younger people?

Share News

  • Is it good to share something on social media?
  • Should the media only publish good news?
  • How does social media help people access information?
  • What kind of good news do people often share in the community?

Reward, Shopping

  • How should bosses reward employees?
  • What kinds of gifts do young people like to receive as rewards?
  • Why do people like shopping more now than in the past?
  • Do you think shopping is good for a country’s economy?


  • What practical skills can young people teach old people?
  • Do you think “showing” is better than “telling” in education?
  • Do people in your country like to watch videos to learn something?
  • How can we know what to do when we want to learn something new?
  • Why do older people have problems learning new things?


  • Why do people sometimes go to other cities?
  • Why are historical cities popular?
  • Do you think tourists may come across bad things in other cities?


  • Should everyone know history?
  • In what ways can children learn history?
  • What are the differences between learning history from books and videos?
  • Is it hard to protect historical buildings?

Old, Young People

  • Is it easy for old people and young people to make friends with each other?
  • Do you think old people and young people can have common interests?
  • What can old people teach young people?

Make Friends

  • On what occasions do people want to make new friends?
  • Where can people make new friends?
  • Do you think it is difficult for foreigners to talk with Chinese?

Classmates, Colleagues

  • Should children choose their desk mates?
  • Why should children be kind to their classmates?
  • What matters most about a colleague’s personality?
  • What kinds of people are popular at work?


  • Do you think it benefits children when they play a role in drama?
  • Are actors or actress very interested in their work? Why?
  • Why do children like special costumes?
  • What are the differences between acting in a theatre and in a film?


  • What are the most advertised products in your country?
  • Which one is more effective, newspaper advertising or online advertising?
  • What do you think of celebrity endorsement in advertising?
  • Does advertising encourage us to buy things we do not need?

Things to Learn

  • What’s the most popular thing to learn nowadays?
  • At what age should children start making their own decisions? Why?
  • Which makes young people choose a major, income or interest?
  • Do young people take their parents’ advice on choosing a major?
  • Besides parents, who else would people take advice from?
  • Why do some people prefer to study alone?


  • What can be improved in public transport services?
  • What leisure facilities can be used by people of all ages?
  • Do you think young people in your country like to go to the cinema?
  • How is the subway system developing in your country?

Air Quality

  • In what ways can air quality be improved effectively?
    In what ways can air pollution be reduced effectively?
  • Do you think cities are cleaner than the countryside?
  • Do you think many factories have been forced to reduce emissions?


  • What types of noise do you come across in daily life?
  • Which is exposed to more noise, the city or the countryside?
  • Should children not be allowed to make noise under any circumstances?
  • How can people consider others’ feelings when chatting in public?


  • What are the benefits of doing exercise?
  • Do you think there should be classes to train young people and children to relax?
  • Which is more important, mental relaxation or physical relaxation?
  • Why is it difficult for some people to relax?

Children Socialisation

  • What would parents prepare for their kids when they first go to school?
  • How do children socialize with each other?
  • Should children learn how to socialize with others?


  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of eating in restaurants?
  • What fast food is there in your country?
  • Why do people choose to eat out instead of ordering takeout?
  • Do people in your country socialize in restaurants? Why?

Neighbor, Cooperation

  • Do you have a good relationship with your neighbors?
    How do you get along with your neighbors?
  • How do neighbors help each other?
  • How do children learn to cooperate?


  • Which is more important, personal goals or work goals?
  • Have your life goals changed since your childhood?
  • Does everyone set goals for themselves?
  • What kinds of rewards are important at work?
  • Do you think material rewards are more important than other rewards at work?
  • What makes people feel proud of themselves?


  • What are the advantages of children having a routine at school?
  • How do people’s routines differ on weekdays and weekends?
  • What are the differences between people’s daily routines now and in the last 15 years?
  • Should children have learning routines?
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